Monday, June 14, 2010

Natural Parenting

Yup!u've heard about thing NATURAL PARENTING - the words that signify efforts taken by parents who are so much concerned about going back to the root in raising offsprings. Though self-proclaimed it might be i think we are one of those parents.

Tracing back to the day buntat was born, he was well fed with his very own mom's milk in not just within an hour after birth, but more than that while his mommy was enduring that aching stitching process!urghhhh!At this juncture I should be grateful to doctors and nurses of Hospital Serdang for really stick to their mission : baby friendly hospital, no formula zone yada yada..

And after 15 months, lil buntat still get his ever so precious gold liquid forming his tough body..Alhamdulillah

Next, weaning off. From the day buntat started to wean off, premix cereal never crossed my mind.ever!after all i never find it too difficult for me to make homemade baby's food. easy peasy i can say. just boil a portion of rice with lots of water, then throw some diced chicken meat/fish and pieces of vege n cool it down for few minutes before blending and reheat again. 

Last but not least, CD-ing. not compact discs, mind you, but CLOTH DIAPER. of all brand that we have tried and tested we decided to choose GROBABY (as it then named..recently rebranded to GROVIA) as the best of them all!yippeee yippee!though it may make ur pocket drained (as it is priced RM95 per set..woot woot!) it is still money saving in the long run. we just loveee it.

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