Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where is it?

An item, no matter how tiny it is, if it bears a sentimental value, it is PRICELESS!

You had been with me since 14 years ago

Serving me without grunts and grumbles

Though tiny you might be

You never been out of my sight

You were always there when necessary

I remember the day I took you

At a place of which the name is now doomed

The very first time I saw you

I straight away fell for you

Distinguished was the perfect word for you

Nothing could be the same as you

Then came the fateful day

Dear hubby was looking for you

Looking at your crib you were not there

Anxious we might be

Crazy we went

Every nook and cranny we treasured

But to no avail

Though yesterday I brought home one

Nothing could ever replace you

In my heart...

Now anybody saw my NAIL CLIPPER?

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