Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little bump

Yesterday while waiting for the laundry shop assistant to pick up my clothes, I glanced at the weighing scale that was put by the shop owner at the corner of the entrance. I without hesitance straightly stood on it. As I looked down to the counter, I saw the figure..the figure that I was forced to acknowledge-in reluctance!

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!I felt like screaming!!To the denial of the actual fact that lays before you!

I must do something!I Must!For a start, I got to revise my diet. Back at home I told husband about this. He just smiled and asked me to reduce carbo intake. He said instead of taking two meal of rice per day, I must reduce to single meal i.e on lunch only. I added that for dinner I will only eat soup or any other suitable alternatives. He also suggested regular exercise.

I had never been on exercise for quite some time. Now I must back on track!Dear God, please help me istiqamah!

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