Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gift from Heart

While you were sleeping
I stare at you
I see tranquility..

While you were sleeping
Moments of treasure reel one after another
For the years we've been together
Your kind heart and patience draw me closer..

While you were sleeping
I think of how clumsy you were
When we were about to have our first son
The times when you were not able to send me for check-ups
Frustrated I must state
Anger I must admit
But soon I began to realize
You just tried hard to model
A good image to your future kid

While you were sleeping
I remember being a loyal listener
When you express disappointments over someone
When things did not turn out the way it should be
You said you are in fury
Of revenge you might be
But one thing I know
That's just not you
How can the man with purified heart and subtle soul
Be a man with no soul?

While you were sleeping
I remember the day I gave birth
To your son
I feel the pain your mum was
When she gave birth to you
Yes great man
Surely Maa is proud of you, really
Thou no loving words out of her
You set a good example for sisters and brothers
To her, that's the greatest gift she ever had
From you...her son

While you were sleeping
Much to utter, I anticipate
But I choose only to thank
Thank you...for choosing me as your wife
Thank you...for being a great father to our son
Thank you...for every beads of perspiration in maintaining us
Thank you...for listening to my grunts and grumbles
Thank all I can afford on your 30th birthday

Happy birthday hubby...May Allah grant us with rahmah, mawaddah and sakinah..Amin

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